Our Services 

Restaurant Consultants

Our Restaurant Management package is ideal for diligent oversight of every aspect of your restaurant operations. KAZA 's core value is to focus on the following areas of your business 

Concept Revitalization

We work to fully understand your thoughts and objectives, whether developing a scalable concept for growth or a single-unit operation. With a pulse on the latest food trends, growing markets and successful concepts in every service category and cuisine, we will research and recommend a list of "must-see" competitive and on-trend concepts in specific markets. 

Concept Creation

We help you achieve your vision and transform it into a practical and real idea. KAZA consult team helps you develop your brand idea, brand story, brand name and logo design. We provide you with a complete guide to your brand and follow up with interior designers and architecture to achieve the desired design.

Feasibility Study & Market Research 

Complete feasibility studies and market analysis which serve as the foundation to any comprehensive Business Plan. Detailed Profit and Loss Statements and Break-Even Analysis, including Business Sales Projections estimate for three scenarios: worst-case, best case, and most-likely. Business pro forma and expense statements for the first year of operations. Appropriate staffing requirements projections and wage and salary scales to form the basis for the projects labor cost.

Standard Operating Procedures

Examining each moving part of your restaurant in an effort to identify what's working and what's not. By performing an objective assessment of a concept, KAZA can discover potential efficiencies, cost savings and improvements in the back of house, front of house and management procedures. 

Developing operational plans utilizing proven systems and standards to increase management effectiveness; including menus and recipe procedures, manpower planning and wage inventory, service standards and operational checklist, policies and procedures 

Menu Development & Menu Engineering 

We develop and engineer menus using the best skills locally and internationally. We work with professional chefs to provide you with what suits your restaurant to ensure that customers have a rich and complete experience.

Staff Hiring & Training 

Developing organizational structure, job descriptions, training and innovative employees development programs to improve morale, lower turnover rates, and improve consistent customer service. Provide detailed job list and descriptions for each position, along with inter-company performance evaluations for management and staff. Assisting the business owner in finding proven industry leaders who will drive the company towards its goals. 

Assessing Existing Restaurants

For restaurants with difficulties KAZA consult team provide a complete assessment of the overall status of the restaurant and accordingly offer proposals and directions to get out of the crisis and re-correct the scope of work to enable restore financial and professional recovery. and maintain cost control and Enhancing Customers Experience

Interior & Kitchen Design

Our professional design staff applies its unique understanding of the specialized needs of its clients to develop restaurant designs that are not only attractive but also highly functional. We've created an industry standard for effective and affordable design services, all based on our operating philosophy of learning as much about our client's business through extensive research. Design the BOH and FOH operational flow of the outlet to ensure maximum efficiency and to deliver excellent customer experience develop BOQ kitchen equipment list and small war

Social Media Marketing Strategies

Create a social media marketing strategy for your restaurant to enhance customer experience and direct communication with them to create a trust between the restaurant and customer, build marketing content that reflects the restaurant concept and builds a brand story that will increase restaurant profitability.