Our Services 

Restaurant Consultants

Our Restaurant Management package is ideal for diligent oversight of every aspect of your restaurant operations. KAZA 's core value is to focus on the following areas of your business 

Concept Creation 

What we offer:
Concept Direction 
Feasibility Study
Market Research 
Site Selection
Menu Development  
Interior & Kitchen Design 
Staff Hiring     

Pre & Post -Opening Operations

What we offer:
Opening Action Plan
Menu Creating
Recommend Suppliers
Operations Checklists
FOH & BOH Equipment
Staff Training
Hiring & Scheduling
FOH & BOH Equipment    

Cloud Concepts

What we Offer:

Concept Brief
Menu creation
Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) 

Interior & Kitchen Design

What we Offer 
Inspiration Mood Boards
3D Drawings (10 Shots)
Complete drawings

Assessment & Rectifying 

What we offer

Assessment Report
Action Plan

Menu Development & Engineering 

What we Offer:
Food Items by KAZA Executive Chef
Beverage Items by KAZA Barista
Costing Sheets
BOH Training
List of kitchen equipment
Source Kitchen Equipment Vendors
Source Kitchen Small ware tools
Kitchen Design
Sourcing Tableware Sourcing Packaging
Food and Beverage Suppliers
Kitchen Workflow
Attend photoshoot session
Sourcing Certified Calorie Count LaboratoryRecipe Cards

Staff Hiring & Training 

What we offer:
Customer service and FOH training 
Operations manual and checklists training  
Food Safety training 

Food Safety

What we offer: 
Consultancy Services
Food Safety Excellence 

Operational Excellence Program 

What we Offer: 
Analyze currentoperations

Develop strategies

Implement changes

Monitor progress

Provide ongoingsupport

Franchise Management

What we offer: 
Advise in Franchising Process

Find Franchisee 

Franchise Manuals