Do you have proper procedures?


Why Checklists?

Setting a culture in your restaurant based on policies and procedures is one of the important tasks to do as an owner or an operation manager. It is crucial to the success and consistency of the business to have a set of clear guidelines at the initial stages to get your employees used to the work culture in your restaurant/café.

The importance of checklists is to help you set certain rules in your establishment and to ensure that employees are doing their job correctly and efficiently.

A vital point that the management needs to do is to simplify and tailor these checklists to the exact needs of the establishment. This way the employees do not waste time in over-doing checklists and as a result management does not waste time reading unnecessary reports. Both will lose interest after a while if they sense there is no proper feedback and importance to these checklists.

It is important to make a consolidated report on a weekly basis out of these checklists to ensure they are being implemented properly and on time.

A good handful of checklists are needed in a restaurant or a coffee shop, such as:

  • Inventory checklist
  • Purchasing checklist
  • Fridge checklist
  • Bathroom checklists
  • Cleaning checklist
  • Opening checklist
  • Closing checklist
  • Kitchen checklist

List may as well expand further depending on the need of the establishment.

In these unprecedented times, restaurants need a checklist for COVID measurements as well, to ensure that the hygiene in the restaurant is being carried out properly and the signs and areas are clearly presented and hygienic.

These small tasks help operate the establishment properly and more efficiently. 

By: Kareem Haj Ibrahim, Director , KAZA Consult