Food Safety 

Restaurant Consultants

Kaza Consult provides food safety consulting services, training, food safety culture advice, and food safety audits. Every food and drink establishment must have a robust food safety management system in place. Most importantly, a food safety management system will ensure the well-being of customers and guests. In addition, it will strengthen the reputation of your business and will reinforce the image of your brand.

Our Services:


We offer world-class trainings that are suitable for all levels in both Food Safety and HACCP.

  1. Basic Food Safety courses recommended for food handlers
  2. Supervising Food Safety is recommended for restaurant managers, kitchen managers, hygiene officers, supervisors
  3. Managing Food Safety is recommended for Operations Managers, Food Safety Managers, Executive Chefs, and Quality Managers

Consultancy Services:

We offer our extended experience to establish a food safety program that can be benchmarked against international standards.

Our consultancy services include:

  • ISO 22000:2018

Food Safety Compliance :

Aimed at Small and medium-sized enterprises that are not willing to implement or do not fall into the scope of HACCP or ISO 22000.

Aspects of the Kaza Compliance  Program:

Gap Assessments/Layout Design

  1. Training
  2. Food Safety SOP creation and implementation
  3. Auditing
  4. Reporting